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Performance Measurement
Developed a training package and companion “how to” guide on performance measurement, in both French and English, for a Canadian federal government department. The training was delivered in French and English to close to 200 program managers and staff from across the country. Subsequently, consulting support was provided to assist in implementing the performance measurement component of the department’s Management, Resources and Results Structure (MRRS).

Management Accounting
Provided project management advice and developed a core cost modeling architecture for one of Canada’s largest public sector agencies to improve cost visibility within the organization. This architecture was used as the basis for the development of a corporate allocation model and the ability to fully cost the organization’s Program Activity Architecture (PAA). Conducted a series of costing pilots within various program areas in the agency in order to develop an agency-wide implementation business case and project plan. A paper providing direction on implementing a corporate allocation model within federal departments and agencies was developed for the Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat.

Risk Management
Developed the Year 2000 Crisis Management Plan for a major federal government department in Canada. The project involved bringing together corporate and line sector representatives to determine the business model for the Department in the event of a Year 2000 crisis or, in other words, how the Department would transform itself in a crisis. The plan analyzed risks and incorporated contingencies depending upon varying availability levels of people, technology and facilities. Stakeholder needs were identified and analyzed. Detailed procedures were developed for the essential business activities and processes. The core staff supporting the Minister, Deputy Minister and clients were trained. The Crisis Management Centre was designed and built. Results were incorporated into the Department's ongoing Crisis and Business Resumption Plans.

Program Evaluation
Evaluated land management sector pilot projects in Russia. Involved developing the evaluation framework and conducting the evaluation study. Field trips were completed in Canada to identify Canadian industrial capacity and review current projects delivery, and in Russia to meet with Russian and Canadian officials to evaluate successes to date and develop recommendations for new directions for the program. These recommendations were reported in a series of debriefs to World Bank officials on the political and socio-economic situation and infrastructure surrounding the existing state of land reform initiatives being undertaken in Russia. The debriefs resulted in the identification of an alternate site for the expansion of an International Finance Corporation project involving the privatization of State collective farms, new Cooperation agreements between the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) and the Government of Russia.

Decision Support
Designed, implemented and deployed a multilingual, externally- and internally-facing Corporate Portal for a large government client within the organization’s existing technical infrastructure. This involved development of the taxonomy and implementation of processes to integrate a wide range of services and structured and unstructured content for disparate, internal and external audiences, while maintaining a highly secure and high-availability environment. Processes needed to be developed and implemented to identify and engage horizontal and vertical collaborative and knowledge-based communities of interest.

Energy and Environment
Implemented a process re-design for the management of Petroleum Oils and Lubricants within a large public sector organization. Results included a fuel transition plan, rationalized fuel infrastructure and distribution assets, an optimized fuel supply chain, an information management solution, improved procurement to reflect both the new fuel type and modern procurement methods and training program of all fuel handlers.