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BMB is committed to sharing management best practices, tools and templates to contribute towards capacity building in public sector organizations. Our firm has built a suite of workshops dealing with all aspects of results-based management and results-based budgeting. Such workshops have been well received by thousands of participants at all levels of government, are delivered either directly or through third party service providers and can be customized to the needs of individual organizations.

The following workshops are delivered in both official languages:

• Connecting the Dots – Implementing an Integrated Management Environment;

• Managing Change within an Integrated Management Environment;

• Implementing Performance Measurement within an Integrated Management Environment;

• Implementing Risk Management within an Integrated Management Environment;

• Implementing Strategic Cost Accounting within an Integrated Management Environment;


• Making Your Change Agenda Explicit – Implementing Balanced Scorecard Principles

  an Integrated Management Environment.

I have trained thousands of executives, managers and program representatives from the three orders of government (federal, provincial/territorial, municipal) in the past fifteen years. I was very pleased to be joined for a three-day workshop in July 2010 by several representatives of the Indonesian Government. This group worked with representatives from a number of federal departments and agencies to build logic models, performance frameworks and indicator reports. We all had lots of fun and I was so pleased that our new friends from Indonesia were able to visit with some central agency contacts in Canada, while taking in some of the sites that visitors often enjoy when travelling to Canada. - John Harrison